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In the year 2007, we Kenyans, in a collective effort to better our society held country-wide consultations to come up with a unified strategy for our wholistic development; These consultations led to the creation of a long-term development blue-print dubbed Kenya’s Vision 2030. In order to achieve this vision, one of the key sectors that was identified was the Transport sector. Through this sector, we intend as a country to enhance national and regional trade through the construction, upgrading and maintenance of our national and county roads network.


The target is to construct and rehabilitate approximately 5,500 KMS of roads comprising 3,825 KMS of national trunk roads and 1,675 KMS of county roads. In addition to the above, approximately 200,000 kms of roads will be maintained. Given that no vision is achieved without input, in the year 2019, the Kenyan government allocated over Kshs. 186 Billion for the construction and maintenance of the national road network.


In consideration of the above and in an effort to play our part in the National and regional development, we as the Plass team endeavor to assist our clients to fulfill their development goals while fully appreciating the importance and public interest-nature of their projects.  We achieve this through our expertise in Financial Services, Real Property Law, Dispute Resolution and Constitutional & Public Law.

Our clients include national state corporations and county governments.