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Irene Nafuna

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Irene joined the firm in 2017 as holding over lawyer. She now has one and a half year experience in legal practice with a keen focus on litigation, notably in the areas of Constitutional Law and Employment Law. Irene is also involved in conveyance transactions.




Regularly involved in preparation, perfection and advisory role on enforcement of various securities and securitization instruments including but not limited to Charges, Discharge of charges, Debentures and Deeds of Guarantee and Indemnity in favour of Banking institutions in Kenya.


Involved in the successful representation of a University in a Constitutional Petition at the High Court in Nairobi filed by a former student against the University, whereby the Petition was dismissed with no orders as to costs.


Commenced class action suits for purposes of consumer protection and compensation of victims of aflatoxin poisoning in the Eastern Region of the Country.


Advised a University regarding the legal requirements and implications before conducting a redundancy exercise in respect of a large group of its employees.


Successfully represented a private University in an employment claim whereby an application had been filed by a former employment for the University to be found to have been in contempt of court orders issued earlier; and whereby the Claimant’s application was dismissed.


Successfully represented a major Bank in a suit filed at Machakos High Court by a chargor seeking stoppage of an auction; whereby by consent, the parties formulated a reasonable plan for repayment of the loan arrears.




Kenya School of Law(Postgraduate Diploma in Law)


Moi University –  Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (Hons)