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Food Safety

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Food safety and hygiene is an integral component in safeguarding the health of individuals and the nation at large.  In the recent past, Kenya and indeed the Africa content has been verged by spread of lifestyle diseases including cancer which is presently a cause of misery to many patients and their families.  It is estimated that diet and obesity is connected to 30 – 35% of cancer deaths worldwide which can be attributed to presence of carcinogens in foods.


In the year 2018 Plass Law received instructions from victims of aflatoxins poisoning which occurred between the year 2004 – 2005 in the lower Thika region, Machakos, Kitui and Makueni counties.  During the outbreak, about 325 cases were reported with about 120 fatalities.  In the late 2019, Plass Law representing about 19 families filed a Petition in the High Court of Kenya at Kitui seeking compensation for breach of fundamental right of the victim of aflatoxins outbreak.


Apart from compensation issue, the petition serves to highlight the dangers posed to Kenyans as a consequence of act of omission on the part of bodies charged with food safety in Kenya with the over arching objective of ensuring that food consumers in Kenya meet the World Health Organisation standards.




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