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Education Sector

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Education institutions in Kenya, particularly institutions of higher learning, face various challenges including financial pressure, regulatory burdens and government enforcement, competition, as well as advanced technological opportunities and risks.


We at Plass Advocates are alive to these issues facing educational institutions in Kenya. Our experienced team of lawyers helps educational institutions to understand and manage these emerging legal developments in the education sector, helping the institutions to identify solutions to these issues and to advance their goals and objectives.

Our team of lawyers provides the full range of legal services to education institutions, including Academies, Further Education Colleges and Higher Education Institutions.


We have a wide range of practice and experience in areas of commercial law, regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, litigation and alternative dispute resolution; whereby we provide our clients with relevant innovative legal advice as well as legal representation.


We have further acted for institutions of higher learning in other general areas of litigation including constitutional law, commercial law, employment law, general civil litigation as well as arbitration and mediation proceedings. We have further been engaged in advising the institutions on the implication of the new constitutional dispensation and accordingly advised them on the aspect of legal implications so as to forestall or limit claims by employees as well as their students.  In addition, we have also helped in out-of-court negotiations in various matters involving large amounts of money so as to preserve the relations between the learning institutions and their employees and students.


Further, due to legislative reforms in the area of Employment and Labour Relations Law, there have been an arising number of labour disputes within institutions of higher learning. We have acted for various educational institutions such as private and public universities, as employers, representing them in employment disputes at the Employment and Labour Relations Court.